Grade 3/4 Camp

Grade 3/4 Camp 2014 - 'The Island'


Date: Monday 8th - 10th September


This September, students in Years 3/4 will have the fantastic opportunity to attend a three-day and two-night camp at ‘The Island’ in Cowes on Phillip Island.


‘The Island’ camp facility is approximately 2 hours from the Melbourne CBD, on the north shore of Phillip Island. ‘The Island’ aims to provide opportunities for students to explore their full potential and develop teamwork through the facilitation of land based outdoor experiences. Some of the activities the students may participate in include low ropes; indoor rock climbing; orienteering; ranger talks; flying fox and other team building games on the beach and land. Students will be staying in dormitory style accommodation.


Camps contribute significantly to the school’s ability to deliver curriculum outcomes in many discipline areas that cannot be taught within the school setting, including important aspects of the Health and Physical Education and Interpersonal Development curriculum areas. Camps provide unique opportunities to foster peer relationships, independence and develop emotional wellbeing and strength. This year’s camp will also extend and develop learning in inquiry units, which focus on Science and the Environment. With this in mind, all Year 3/4 students are expected to attend camp.


We have endeavoured to keep costs to a minimum, and to assist you in managing this cost we have made a number of options available regarding payment of camp fees. Please read the following information carefully and return the attached form regarding your preferred method of payment as soon as possible.


Please refer to the website (link below) for further information. Please note that the activities we offer the students are catered for their age group.


Once again, we strongly encourage all students to attend this rich learning experience, as this opportunity will support their learning.