Parents and Friends



I am happy to report that once again we as a community have worked together on one of the main aims of the school P+F Association… to raise funds for the benefit of the school. Four years ago , prior to the formation of P+F there was no fundraising activity by our community. All of these funds go to the most pressing educational needs that have been presented to us by the teachers and the School Leadership.


We have also been given huge support by our local community– sponsor ship from local retailers have helped enormously with our fundraising activities. We have worked with local community organisations to push for local amenities (like the new Library that will be opened in 2015 in Faraday Street). One of the things that we have been most proud of is the fact that we now have a very open and friendly community of parents and friends mostly because we have established bonds by working together on fundraising , community celebration and care for all of our community. It’s very important that this  is maintained.


As a soon - to -be outgoingPresident (my term ends next year) it will be important for you, new families, to become actively engaged in this! And next year’s HARMONY DAY FETE will be one of the best ways to

become involved!


Our goals for the next two years are:

To increase membership of the P+F.

To increase fundraising.

To create programs that are long lasting and have positive educational outcomes for our children and for the future of the school.